Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Never Will I Ever...

Never will I ever.  The term that no one planning on becoming a parent should EVER say.

I really do try to "never say never," but there are a few things that I had very strong views on prior to becoming a parent.

One of these things was licensed character apparel.  Not kidding.  I have no idea why, but I was totally opposed to anything that had a Disney or Sesame Street or whatever character on it.  I was so opposed to it that I vowed my child would NEVER wear anything of the sorts.

Don't get me wrong.  I have always loved both Sesame Street and Disney, just not the apparel.  No idea why...just one of those things.

Ha!  Fast forward 2 years to my life with a Sesame Street obsessed two year old daughter.  Yup, you can guess what has happened.

My first experience with licensed character apparel was with her Halloween costume (as you might remember: Letting Go: Halloween Costume).  I seriously struggled with that, but it turned out really well.  When I look back at her costume, I can't get over: 1. how freakin' adorable she looks and 2. how happy she looks.

I think that is what started to chip away at my steadfast opposition to character apparel.

After Halloween, it continued with me buying a Cookie Monster shirt in Old Navy one day.  It was on clearance and I figured that she could wear it for playing.  One shirt, no biggie.

Checking out her book from Sesame Street Live while wearing her Cookie Monster shirt.  Life is good.

The past few days though, the licensed apparel has really taken on a life of itself.  And you know what?  I am okay with it.

We went to Kohl's yesterday and Myra saw a pair of Elmo slippers.  Of course, she immediately reached for them, exclaiming, "Elmo shoes on!"  We put them on her and, of course, she loved them, and my Mom, who has the firm belief that Myra should get whatever she wants (which is what makes Grandparents awesome), decided that they had to be bought.

And that was that.  My sweet Moose is now the proud owner of Elmo slippers.  And look at her, how stinkin' adorable is she?!  She ever wears them to sleep because she loves them so much.  I think the funniest thing about them is that she actually shuffles around the house in them.  She is totally digging this "retired in Florida thing."

Sleeping with the slippers on!

No pants, veggie chips, Sesame Street, and slippers.  Ready for retirement!  ;)

Today, it continued.  We went to the Stride Rite outlet to look for sandals (since we are in Florida).  Myra spotted a pair of Abby Cadabby shoes and was immediately sold.  We put them on her, she exclaimed, "Myra Abby Shoes!" and then followed up by sitting down, looking at us, and saying, "buy it."

And we were sold.

Abby Shoes!

As a side note, when I told this to my husband, he said, "I am glad that she already has an undeserved sense of entitlement."  Lol!  Guess that is why it is better to shop with your Mommy and Grandparents.

So, Moosey is now the proud owner of not one, but two pairs of Sesame Street footwear.  And I, her mother, think that she could not look any cuter.

Never will I ever...say never.


  1. Got to love those phases they go thru huh.

  2. Ashley Ponder RichardsDecember 31, 2013 at 5:26 PM

    I felt the same way about cartoon clothes. Before I had Jack I told my husband no to anything with a cartoon character but now he just looks so adorable in it that I can't help buy him a few things now and then. Now I say never will he have a themed cartoon room. We'll see....haha.

  3. Oh we have tons of character apparel, that doesn't bother me so much. But I said I would never cosleep. Hahahahahaha is all I have to say about that.

  4. Lol! Oh yeah. They definitely have minds of their own and right now, her mind is made up on Sesame Street! :)

  5. Glad I am not the only one! I am also putting my foot down on character room decor, but, like you said, who knows what will happen!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  6. Haha…the things that we do for our kids, right?! I don't know why the character apparel bothered me so much because now I love it. I know that Disney Princesses are the next thing and I am pretty excited! :)


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