Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Okay...Week #3

It's okay...that I tell Moose that things like coffee and Italian hoagies are "yucky."  She believes me and it keeps her from crying over not being able to eat things that are clearly not good for her.

It's okay...that I am in full blown Christmas mode!  For some reason, I woke up on Saturday morning totally in the Christmas spirit.  We even listened to a few Christmas carols.  Josh protested at first, but then I pointed out that we needed to start making Moosey aware of Santa Claus.

Look at this sweet face!  How could 
this not make you look forward to Christmas?!

It's okay...that Moose didn't want to put on her coat this morning (and I didn't make her) because it would have meant taking the cookies out of her hands.  The cookies that she ate for breakfast.  To be fair, she also ate a half pint of raspberries AND they were gluten free, organic, peanut butter cookies, so they were full of protein.  ;)

Its okay...that, after a particularly hard day, I tell Josh that I have to go to the bathroom (and I really do), but I then go upstairs to use the bathroom connected to my bedroom and I sit there for a good 10 minutes just to soak in the peace and quiet.

It's okay...that Josh now knows my secret.  He is a good husband, so he will still allow me that escape.  Besides, how can you be upset with someone who is so desperate for solace that they find it in a semi-clean bathroom?!

It's okay...that my sweet Moose wants to live amongst the ducks at the duck pond.  At least she loves nature and animals.

Hanging out with her new family.

It's okay...that I had to go buy a new outfit because we are going home this weekend and will be going out with friends and family downtown.  Sadly, nothing in my Mommy closet fits the bill of "nighttime in a city."  The upside is that, thanks to a 30% off coupon at Kohl's, I actually have some awesome new clothes!

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  1. Too funny! I have been guilty of seeking peace and quiet in the bathroom as well. :)

  2. Girl ... I want Christmas so bad! It's my favorite holiday. And I hear you with the peace and quiet. My house is so loud right now because there is no furniture in it to muffle the sounds so everything echos. I am loving the moments it's just me in my car with my very loud music or just nothing at all ...

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. Oh yes, I am quite familiar with the bathroom quiet. If only my bathroom connected to our bedroom. lol. I am so ready for Christmas this year. Last year was so much fun and now that v is older and my nephew too I just can't wait. I'm ready for Christmas carols.

  4. Ahhh yes the I have to go to the bathroom trick! That's one of my favs. I also use the...can you watch the kids for me sI I can throw in a load of laundry? Then I sit down in the basement for a few minutes a listen to the chaos. Haha!!! And the Christmas photo is hilarious!!

  5. I love the duck picture. Too cute.

  6. Thank you! She was seriously chasing them around trying to hug them. Too funny!

  7. It is interesting to know that other people use the bathroom trick! I guess it is something in the DNA of us Moms. ;)

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. I agree about Christmas this year! Although I think that Myra will be afraid of Santa, I am still so excited to introduce her to all of the magic of Christmas. It will be her 3rd Christmas (she has an early December birthday), but the first one where she will get some of what is going on!

  9. Guess all of us Moms are the same in certain ways! Glad I am not alone in finding solace in a bathroom. :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  10. Agree! Christmas has always been my favorite, but it is even more so now with a kid. I am looking forward to Halloween tomorrow, but once that is over, it is Christmas all the way! The only other holiday between Halloween and Christmas that I enjoy a lot is Black Friday. ;)

    When do you get furniture?! Hopefully soon!


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