Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Fun!

Okay, so here is my obligatory Halloween post.  I didn't want to do it, but I can't help myself.  I am overwhelmed by the cuteness.  Plus, I love seeing everyone's Halloween photos, so hopefully other people feel the same way about my photos!

Cookie Monster and Elmo.  

Halloween was awesome.  I was so worried about her costume at first, but I ended up loving it.  I mean, just look at her.  She looked so cute as a furry blue monster and the smile on her face was priceless.  A friend of mine made her some cookies out of felt that she wore on her wrist and feet and those totally tied the costume together.  Too cute!

How cute are the cookies on her socks and wrist?!

The best part about Halloween though was that Myra loved it.  I mean, how could she not?  She got to dress up as her favorite character and go door to door where people told her how cute she looked and gave her candy.  Does it get any better than that?

She had a parade and party at her school today, which was too cute for words.  My parents, Josh, and I were all there, of course, but all that she cared about was the food.  She literally sat there and ate for 30+ minutes.  All of the other kids were finished, but she just kept eating by herself at the table.  Hilarious!  Who can blame her?!  She was probably thinking, "what the hell, Mom?!  You have been feeding me organic berries for the past two years when this stuff exists?!"  Who knows what she will do when she has to eat real food again tomorrow.

Eating with her feet propped up on the table.  Life is good.  :)

Tonight, of course, was trick or treating.  It was so much fun.  First of all, the weather was fantastic.  It was 65 degrees.  I was warm in a light jacket.  Awesome.  Secondly, we have the best neighborhood for trick or treating.  It is one block, we have sidewalks, and the houses are close together.  All of the neighbors sit outside and we get tons of kids.  Josh and I took Myra to a few houses while my parents handed out candy.  She was really shy and didn't like it at first, but after about 4 houses, it clicked for her.  It was like a light went on in her little head and she realized what was happening.

After that, she was hooked.  My mom and I took her around the entire neighborhood.  She just kept saying, "more candy.  more candy."

Halloween is the best!!

It was such a fun day.  Halloween is one of those things that is definitely made better by having kids.

And now...I going to overload you with adorable pictures.  :)

Laughing and enjoying the food
at her party.

Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Staring at Josh in his terrifying mask.

My husband getting ready to scare the neighbors.

Enjoying her first-ever piece of Halloween Candy.

Waiting for trick-or-treating to start!

Great picture of Josh and Myra.

And another great one...this time with PaPou (my dad).


Moosey and Mommy.  Love this. 

Josh hiding in the bushes.  Pretty damn scary.

Trick-or-treating with YiaYia (my mom).

Tasting her loot with YiaYia and PaPou!


  1. She is so cute!!!!! And your husbands mask is great!!! I agree having kids makes Halloween so much fun!

  2. She is the cutest Cookie Monster! And she earned that title today at school. Those cookies were delicious. Glad you guys had a great night!

  3. Adorable. I love the picture with her feet propped up. Too funny!

  4. Awwww. She looks just precious! The felt cookies added a nice touch to her costume!

  5. Adorable!! Cutest little cookie monster and I love the cookies added on - perfect! Looks like it was a great Halloween for everyone!

  6. Thank you!! It really was an awesome day. Last Halloween was fun because she was so stinkin' cute, but this year was much better because, in addition to being cute, she really got it. So fun!

  7. Thank you so much! I agree about the cookies. I was so grateful that my friend was able to make them because I have zero crafting ability. :)

  8. Thanks!! A girl has gotta relax sometimes. Ha!

  9. Thank you so much! The kids all looked so cute. I am actually pretty certain that nothing is better than Halloween in a toddler room.

    And she and B certainly did enjoy all of the snacks. They totally could have placed in a competitive eating contest. ;)

  10. Thank you so much! :) My husband had a ball scaring everyone and Myra had a great time getting candy. A win for all!

  11. Coming by from Mommy Moments! What an adorable costume for your little girl! Oooo that mask is SCARY! And with the axe! I would have peed my pants if I was your neighbor :)

  12. Thank you! They were both thrilled by their costumes, so all was well in the world. :)


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