Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Car Conversations: Baby Names & 90210

A few nights ago, like most Americans, we were stuck in the car driving 6 hours to our Thanksgiving destination.  Because we have a toddler, the DVD player was on the entire time, taking away our opportunity for music, and thus forcing us to talk about random things.  Like baby names.

This is the conversation that ensued.  I am laughing just recalling it.

Me: How about Dylan?

Josh: No.  I don't like that name.

Me: I really like that name and I would be willing to use it for a boy or a girl.

Josh: There are three reasons I don't like it.  1. Bob Dylan.  I hate him.  2. Dylan (which is actually Diller) and Fisher Realtors and I hate them too.  3. Dylan from 90210.


Me: Bursting into laughter.  Did you really just mention 90210?  Did you watch that show?

Josh: Dylan was the total bad boy.  We can't use that name.

Me: In hysterics.  Is this real life?  Did you seriously just reference 90210?

Josh: I didn't actually watch the show.  I just had friends who talked about it.  Riiiight.

Me: Any other characters that stuck out in your mind?

Josh: Brenda.  Can't use that name either.

Apparently, at least according to Google, this is Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210.
Unlike my husband, I never actually watched the show.

I shit you not.  This was our conversation.  I am pretty sure that the Shell attendant drugged his Red Bull because it didn't end there.

The conversation somehow shifted to Homeland, which is our favorite show.  As a sidenote, if you are not watching that show, you are missing out.  Seriously.  Go buy / rent it now.

Back on point, here went conversation #2:

Me: Do you think that Claire Danes looks crazy in real life because she has those super animated facial expressions?

Josh: Without pause.  Oh yeah, she totally made those faces on My So-Called Life.

Still not joking.

Does it even matter what my response was here?  No, it doesn't because he referenced My So-Called Life within 30 minutes of discussing, with a straight face, the characters from 90210.

And this, my friends, is what riding in the car with a toddler does to you.  Even though it wasn't a super long ride, the endless Elmo and Grinch apparently got to Josh's head.  Either that or the ride and Red Bull actually brought his true feelings to the surface.  You be the judge.


  1. Funny enough, since we were on the whole baby no baby conversation the other day. Dylan is my boys name is we do decide to try. Fiona for a girl.

  2. So funny! Dylan is one of my favorite names. While I like it better for a boy, I even like it for a girl. I just want to be able to use it! Fiona is a great name too. That one actually came up in our conversation as well. Glad you guys have names you have decided upon...that takes a lot of the stress out of things! :)

  3. Lol! When I looked up pictures of him, he seemed cool. I just never would have thought of him in a million years if someone said the name Dylan.

    Your sleeping bag sounds awesome. Gotta love the 90s!

    Thanks for reading and you also have a great holiday! :)

  4. This is hysterical! Please tell Josh that my favorite show was My So-Called Life when I, too, was a 15 year old girl! :)

  5. Oh Dylan was a wonderful bad boy and you could totally use that name.

    Claire Danes is the ugliest crier ever. In homeland it is unreal. But my favorite ugly cry of hers is the one she does in Little Women, totally worth googling if you are bored.

    It amazes me what husbands pick up in. Marc was telling me he read this article about how women's cycles have gotten longer and more frequent over the ages....ummm ok. lol

  6. HAHAHA! Your comment seriously made me laugh out loud. I will be sure to share it with him. :)

  7. Agree! Ugliest crier EVER! I think it totally fits her role in that show though. You have me intrigued about her Little Women cry so I am definitely going to look it up.

    And I laughed out loud about Marc's comment. Where do they come up with this stuff??!


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